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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How Great Thou Art!

My favorite gospel singer is Mahalia Jackson.  Her voice can roll like thunder or lull so sweet to make a small child fall asleep.  This morning while listening to Music Choice On-Demand, she was there and her voice touched my heart.  So today I want to give testimony as to how great God is and how he has touched my heart.

On Friday, June 28, 2013, I discovered that a friend had suffered a seizure that left him in a coma for nearly two weeks.  He was hospitalized in Columbia, SC, a few hours away from his hometown of Greenville, SC.  His mother by his side on a daily basis, was informed by the doctors that he was being kept alive by machines and they saw no sign of brain activity.  Ms. Marie decided on that Friday to pull the plug on her beloved son based on the information provided to her by the doctors.

My sister called to tell me of the unfortunate news about Tony late Friday morning.  We talked for about an hour about Tony's condition.  Later on during the day, she called me back to tell me some miraculous news.  Ms. Marie pulled the plug on her son based on his condition.  And do you know that while the plug was being pulled, Tony opened his eyes and called out his mother's name.  Baffling the entire medical staff, today Tony is talking, breathing on his own and is being transferred to a hospital in Greenville to be closer to his family while he undergoes rehabilitation.

Now there is no better acknowledgment of the fact that God is the only one that can make a way out of no way.  To be considered dead at 11am, and alive and talking at 1:30pm, only God Almighty can make it happen.

Thank You Jesus!  Be Humble.  Keep The Faith.  Praise Him.  Put God First.  Obey The Father.

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