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Monday, July 16, 2018

Flau'jae Made Her Daddy Proud

Appearing on Season 13 of "America's Got Talent," 14 year old Hip Hop Ambassador Flau'jae made her father proud, Jason "Camouflage" Johnson.  Born November 3, 2003, Flau'jae Johnson never met her father, but lives in his loving shadow to become a great rap icon.  Camouflage was trajically gunned down while he and long time girlfriend, Kia Jones anticipated their daugther's birth.  In this music clip, Flau'jae carries the torch in the delivery of "Put Your Guns Down."  At the end of her performance British television personality, judge and producer Simon Cowell got out of his chair to say, "That was incredible!"  Noting he doesn't know much about rap, Simon does recognize talent and the start of a big time career.  So does Atlanta, and Savannah, GA and the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club.  

Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing Flau'jae.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Choosing a Dropshipping Source

Dropshipping is a lucrative business one can start today with little out of pocket expense, but offers great income potential, if you do the work.  It's best to have a good sourcing supplier for the products that you want to sell online.  Once your supplier has been identified, make sure that they meet your company's rules for shipping and delivery.  Also, make sure that you price your items competitively, as you do not want to lose money when completing a transaction.  Crunch your numbers and use that formula to ensure that you offer quality products at competitve pricing.  I suggest reviewing the services that a listing tool can provide as you grow your business.  Organizational tools such as Sales Management, Pricing Updates, Tracking, Returns/Exchanges and Customer Service are all managed with DSMTool as offered by Dropshipping Titans.  Check out the affiliate link here: Titans guide you through setting up a successful dropshipping business from start to finish. 
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Friday, June 29, 2018

What is Dropshipping?

Paul Lipsky is an attorney and professional Dropshipper.  Here in this video he provides a brief overview of how he makes a six figure income and offers his Dropshipping Titans training program to those who want to set up a second income stream from the comfort of home.  Results vary among individuals based on their dedication to implementing his suggested methods.  So far my individual results have been amazing.  Dropshipping Titans offers videos, Q&A sessions, a Facebook support group, and email correspondence to address questions and assist members reach their goals.  You have to start somewhere, invest in yourself, and do the work if you're going to live the life that you desire.  Here's a real opportunity to make that happen.  Watch the video above to get an understanding of how dropshipping works or click on the affiliate links within this article and step out on faith in yourself to make your dreams a reality.  Dropshipping Titans!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Dropshipping Titans!

Introducing Dropshipping Titans

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lord, Hear My Prayer

I am sorry that I didn't go to church every Sunday.
I am sorry that I wasn't the apple of my parents' eyes.
I am sorry that I didn't accomplish anything in life.
I am sorry that I couldn't help.
I am sorry that I didn't make you proud.
I am sorry that I have not accomplished any goals.
I am sorry that there is no money.
I am sorry for being so tired all the time.
I am sorry for not being quite good enough.
I am sorry that my head can't wrap around what is needed to be done.
I am sorry for not being the right choice.
I am sorry that I have lost Mommy, Daddy and Portia.
I am sorry that I couldn't quite cut it.
I am sorry that I was not good enough to marry.
I am sorry that you don't think I'm worth anything.
I am sorry that I wasn't worth remembering.
I am sorry that I was worth ignoring.
I am sorry that I called too much.
I am sorry to my children.
I am sorry that you thought I was not worth knowing.
I am sorry that I look so raggedy.
I am sorry that is what you think of me.
I'm just sorry.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kids Give Back Through Birthdays That Benefit Charities

Birthdays That Benefit Charities
What makes a child want to give birthday presents away instead of keeping them?  “Mom, I don’t really need anything.  For my party why don’t we have people bring things that we can donate to someone,” said Leilah Mizer to her mom Crystal Macfarlane.  For Leilah’s seventh birthday party, she asked guests to give to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland.  She was familiar with RMH because one of her teachers volunteered there.

The theme of giving back through Charitable Birthday Parties seems to be catching on.  Kids want to share their birthday celebrations with others in need.  How sweet and wonderful is this?  Laura Klinger Doyle, communications manager at Ronald McDonald House, said she’s seen “a lot of success” with children asking for donations instead of gifts.  Leilah Mizer raised more than $1,000 through the online fundraising page they set up with FirstGiving.

Claire Hall and Sydney Brown insisted that friends and family give to the Animal Protective League for their birthdays.  Sharon Harvey, president and CEO of the Cleveland APL, notes that contribution-minded kids are influenced by contribution-minded parents, and sometimes kids don’t need prompting as children nine years and older can volunteer at the shelter with a parent.  Claire, who is now 11, has been donating her birthday wishes to the APL since age 4, and Sydney has donated pet toys and treats two consecutive years in a row.

Children imitate their atmosphere.  With active volunteering from parents and other role-models, kids realize that excess is not all that it’s cracked up to be.  Noting that the world and the people in it may require a helping-hand every now and again, children tap into a self-less concern for others.  Maybe they experienced a family crisis, in which the family successfully overcame and the unit became stronger.  Researchers say as kids shift from receiving to donating, they get many immaterial gifts in return.  Studies show that children who take on altruistic responsibilities exhibit higher self-esteem, gain a deeper understanding of the needs of others, and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 

All kids may not jump on board the goodwill bandwagon, but here are some suggestions for parents to consider. 
·       Talk with your kids about the blessings in their lives and what’s their perception about others who are less fortunate.  Ask them what they can do to help.
·       Get kids enthusiastic about causes that reflect their interests.  Margaret Hall says this about her daughter, Claire, “She feels bad for the dogs and cats that don’t have a home.”
·       Learn more about charities in your area that hold the interests of your child and its requisites.  Many charities have specific wish lists of their needs.
·       Make it a reality for your kids.  Have them go with you when making a donation or contribution on their behalf.  Seeing is believing for the kids.  When children witness how their efforts bring happiness, comfort and peace-of-mind into somebody else’s life, they learn the importance of giving, and develop a greater appreciation for what they have and the needs of others.

Not all adults agree with birthdays that benefit others.  According to the New York Times, Judith Martin, who writes the Miss Manners syndicated column fears that kids may “grow up hating philanthropy because it’s done him out of his birthday presents.”  Or maybe, it’s best to let the kids decide how they want to celebrate their birthdays.  Wouldn’t that be the proper thing to do? 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Best Running Back Who Never Was...

The Best Running Back Who Never Was...

College Rushing
Holds 7 National Records
5900 Yards; 69 TDs; 6.9 Yards Per Carry;
855 Carries; Most Points in a Single Game;
Most Career Points; 7 TDs in a Single Game;
and Most Yards in a Playoff Game (333 yards)

Dear Jo Jo,
Uncle Tim and I were talking about you over the weekend and were reminiscing about our good times.  You hold a special place in our hearts and we love you.  Can't wait to see you, Dallas and the rest of the family soon in Savannah, GA.  
Congratulations on your new endeavors.  You'll once again be jet-setting around the world.  
Ladies and gentlemen reading my blog today, I would like to introduce you to my nephew, Mr. Jo Jo Jones.  The man who broke Walter Payton's NAIA records in football.  Enjoy the footage.  He's a bad man.  

Love you,
Auntie V.