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MixMasters Bartending And My Friend, Norm Johnson

The Proper Way To Make A Mint/Basil Julep

In an ideal world, we’d all love to have a standby local bar staffed by an amiable bartender.  In my world of a great group of friends, I have that in long-time friend and great mixologist, Norm Johnson.  He pours the perfect pint, turns out my favorite Crown & Ginger, and mixes a great Mint/Basil Julep, among other cocktails.  Norm is well-versed on any topic of the day, and provides great philosophical, side-line advice on life’s little hiccups while eyeing the gorgeous Super-Model type that just walked in the bar.

As a longtime favorite at the Atlanta International Airport, Norm should go down in the annals of time as one of the greatest bartenders of all time.  He’s a legendary character in his own right that represents the many facets of the bar trade—serving quickly and efficiently, keeping patrons in line, telling a few lies, but many truths in his great stories, and sometimes being hot on the trail of a new femme fatale. 

Norm Johnson is the owner of MixMastersBartending, your national resource for event staff and bar consulting services.  Established in 1998, MMB believes 100% in the experience, so they do everything in their power to be the accessory to your event that you can’t live without.  They want your business to benefit from their 20+ years of hospitality experience.  They do the mixing so you can mingle. 

In addition to serving your public or private events, MMB designs signature cocktails.  To celebrate the Memorial Day weekend and the annual Bike Week festivities in Atlantic Beach, SC, MMB designed the signature cocktail, Ocean Water.  This cocktail was voted as the most provocative and delicious tasting cocktail by a panel.  Trying to mirror the color of the crashing waves of the South Carolina coastline, the OW was a hit! Check out MixMasters at or call:  404-538-9213.     

Ocean Water Signature Cocktail  

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