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Monday, October 29, 2012

Valeta Goode -

Valeta Goode -

Entrelobos (Among Wolves)...based on a true story

"Forty five years after he was caught by the Guards, Marcos remains certain that he's learned little from men and feels that nothing holds as much truth as the years he spent living among wolves."

Can you imagine what it feels like to be sold off at seven years old by your parents to live in a cave with a stranger?  This was the hand dealt to Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja after he and his brother Juanillo lost five goats following an attack by a pack of wolves.  Unconcerned with their children's safety, his parents immediately disposed of Marcos to a wealthy landowner (Honesto) as repayment for the loss of the goats.  

Distraught over being separated from his family, scared to death to live with a lone goatherd, Marcos survived in the Sierra Morena Mountains of Cordoba, Spain from 1954-1965.  Atanasio, the goatherd, was Marquitos saving grace before losing his life to illness.  He advised the young boy to never let the fire go out and he taught Marquito how to appreciate and survive in the mountains, through trapping, fishing, hunting, and how to heal ailments with herbs and prepare a splint for his self and the animals alike.  

The most impactful lesson Atanasio taught Marquito was to give back.  Following  his death, Marquito learned to survive by trial and error in the mountains for 12 years.  His own discovery of making fire came about with his frustration of trying to find food.  He saw the spark when throwing a rock against a boulder.  His wolf pack brothers, a watchful owl, a rabbit-seeking ferret, and the always hidden civet cat, provided the young boy with companionship as they gave to one another when in need.  

During his journey of trying to live day-to-day, Marcos' heart was never tainted by the ill treatment from his parents, the wealthy landowner, or the overseer that carried out the landowner's commands.  Mr. Pantoja, at the age of 19, was returned to civilization in 1965 when caught by Spain's Guardia Civil.  Now in his 60s, Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja returns to the Sierra Morena Mountains to visit and find peace among wolves.

Written and directed by Gerardo Olivares, Entrelobos has a stunning cast including Manuel Camacho and Sancho Gracia.  Their bond and ability to overcome life's earlier misfortunes made for a wonderful relationship.  Each of them filled a void in the other's life.  

The movie struck several cords with me and I thought you would enjoy it too.  

My pleasure!