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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Keeps On Ticking

Well, the last few months have been fast and furious. Since my last blog update on June 26,
2009, I have turned a year older, hit the ground running to set up appointments to display and
sell my collection, entered my first craft show, and set up my business online. My collection is
now available at

During my family vacation in Savannah, GA, I was fortunate enough to make an appointment
with gallery owner and photographer Bryan Stovall. He graciously set an appointment with me
to view my collection. He is researching the expansion of his gallery to include additional works
of art outside of photography. He, as well as some gallery visitors, admired my collection and
tried on pieces. The feedback was tremendous. The name of his beautiful gallery is Bryan
Stovall Gallery & Studio on 10 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA 31401, office phone 912.238.1877,
and website Stovall is extremely talented. His studio displays
wonderful digital photographs of historical landmarks throughout coastal Georgia and South
Carolina, wedding photography, children's portraits, abstracts, landscapes, and seascapes. My
favorite piece in his current collection is that of "Old Sheldon Church" near Yemassee, S.C.
From its first service in 1757 to its current serenity, "Old Sheldon Church" has followed a
tumultuous and fiery history. As kids, my dad would take us there to view the grave sites,
historical markers, and play at the water pump. It's a magical and beautiful place to me. In
2002, Mr. Stovall transitioned to an all digital studio equipped with the use of computers,
scanners, and high-quality printers. He praises the immediacy of this medium.

Should you get the chance to visit the wonderful, mysterious, and beautiful city of Savannah, GA, please visit Bryan Stovall Gallery & Studio and your breath will be taken away.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Handcrafted Jewelry
for those who love
beautiful works of art!


I love making handcrafted jewelry. My friend Adrianne got me into making earrings, necklaces and bracelets after I saw several of the beautiful creations that she made. What I enjoy so much when starting each piece, is the giddy feeling that comes over me, when the piece actually starts coming together. It also gives me this great focus on completing the piece that I've dreamed in my head and tried to place on paper. I'm not the best sketch artist, but I try. After completing a few of what I call dream works of art, I showed them to a few friends and co-workers. They gave great feedback and then asked that I make them a custom piece. Next, was the true litmus test. Several family members gathered at my sister Portia's gorgeous home for what we called "Grown Folks Weekend" during the Memorial Day weekend. We ate, drank, shopped and told lies all weekend long. We had a ball. While sitting at my sister's dining room table, with tools and a plethora of baubles and trinkets spread around, my cousins came in the room modeling the new outfits they purchased and started making requests of me for pieces to go with those outfits. Now these ladies can dress, and dress well they do, so the challenge was on. After that inspiring acknowledgement from my family about my work, as my family is brutally honest, I churned out some really fabulous pieces for them over the next two days. With the blessing of family and friends, I have decided to put my toe in the water and see if others like my work. I think starting out small at festivals, craft and art shows, is smart. I want to test the waters to see what other people think. Hopefully you all will enjoy the pieces of my collection as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please provide suggestions and feedback.

Thank you,