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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 Is My Baby... is my baby and has been a great outlet to share my thoughts with you.  It has revealed the little simplicities of life that I enjoy.  Topics have included my passions for jewelry design, photography, gardening, cooking, entertaining, travel, family and relationships, and my love for all things associated with the beach. 

Yes, I am a country girl and proud of it.  My parents played an intricate role in the shaping of my personality, making me who I am.  Mommy (yes, I will refer to her as Mommy ‘til my dying day) was a class act in everything that she did.  Professional and caring as a registered nurse serving our country’s veterans, Mommy was also a class act when it came to caring for and entertaining family and friends.  Her culinary skills and flair for style were impeccable.  Always a lady, she had the great talent of positively impacting everyone that she encountered.  From teaching someone how to create a great table-setting for their first dinner party, to making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, Mommy also had the talent of educating and scolding someone at the same time without belittling them.  A skill that I am still trying to fine tune.

Now, Daddy was cut from a different cloth all together.  Loud, boisterous, and adventurous, he had a real zest for life.  He would cuss you up one side and down the other while giving you the shirt off his back all at the same time.  A proud serviceman for the U. S. Army, Daddy was a man’s man.  He was an avid history buff, loved the great outdoors and all things related to sports.  While on summer vacations, Daddy cultivated my love for traveling, fishing, farming, hunting, eating, and taking my shot in life.  He would tell me “We live in the only country, where an orphan can become President.”  Other great verses of his included, “Don’t have a whale appetite and minnow ass,”  “Remember, you aren’t the only one that has a dream,”  “Pace yourself, if you want to win,” “They ain’t making no more land,” and “You only get one life, you best go for yours.”

Now Mommy and Daddy have gone on to that Great Watermelon Patch in the Sky.  But today they were weighing heavy on my mind, and I wanted to dedicate this post to them.  I had the greatest parents in the world, and I thank God for them.  They truly loved me.  The lessons they taught me still stir in my heart today, but things are different now.  I’m not as young as I used to be.  I am not a little girl anymore, but still a little girl at heart.  I’m country and fabulous.  Thank God, I have a job, but I want to be the President of my own destiny.  I love my family and friends, but I want to trek into new territory.  Now what in the world this new territory looks like, I have no earthly idea.  Ideally, I’d like to live in Europe again, let my work be photography and jewelry design, make money on the internet, shadow some of the greatest fashion designers for a year, have Santana teach me to play guitar, help kids in some way, spend time learning from old folks, travel and see America by train, shop, eat at fine restaurants and write about them, take a 6 month cooking or jewelry design class in France or Italy, run a food truck, smile at somebody and say, "Good Morning" and they do the same in return, and there's plenty more I'd like to add to the list. 

Over the last few months, I have been reading a lot of books, articles, magazines and blogs, trying to figure this all out, and Marie Forleo has kept me going.  Her approach is cool and funky.  Thank goodness cause these other guys bore me to death in about 3 seconds flat.  She has her RHH Live conference at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen center next month in New York.  If you can get in, I recommend that you go.  She has given me the encouragement and where-with-all to become the metamorphic butterfly that I want to be. 

So with that said, I am making some changes and has now partnered with  The goal is to continue sharing with you little treasures that make life memorable and fun, but turn things up a notch. is a website that allows you to take advantage of a few fruits that make life a little more enjoyable.  The site allows you to shop for top of the line deals, and as the website name suggests, we want you to have a great time, browse the site with friends and family, comment on the articles written and a have cocktail or two.  Enjoy!