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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Note To Mommy...

Mrs. Annie Willie Bussey Goode

Happy Mother's Day Mommy.  You are all that a child could wish for.  God so truly blessed me to have you as my Mother.  Not all women are fit or designed to hold the title of Mother, but you have bestowed all the best of this honor upon me.  All my life I have tried to emulate you as best I could but I am still working to make myself better.  By protecting, nurturing, loving, teaching, demonstrating, supporting, advising, counseling, and praying with and for me: these are just a few of the words used to describe how you taught me to be a woman.  These lessons learned still come to mind while trying to carve out my place in this world and become a better person.  I miss and love you so much.  I know you and God guide my footsteps.  I can feel it.  Thank you for talking with me in my dreams.  I cannot wait to see, touch, and talk with you again.  
Oh, what a glorious day it will be.    
I Love You Mommy!
Happy Mother's Day  

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