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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Sheila

Tony & Sheila 

A wonderful time was had by all. Long time family friend and business woman, Sheila Smith celebrated her 50th birthday on November 17, 2012. Gorgeous and stylish as always, Sheila held her gala at Spiveys Creations in Decatur, GA. With approximately six outfit changes, at least by my count, Sheila was beautiful all night. Donning Chanel, Gucci, and several local Atlanta-based designers, Sheila's style came shining through.
Derrick Spivey

It was great to see old friends gather together to celebrate Sheila. We had a night filled with laughter, great food, cocktails, dancing to old school R&B classics, and reminiscing of days past. The event was surrounded by beautiful sculptures by musician, artist, and gallery owner Derrick Spivey.
Joe & Elza

With Sheila's creative talents as a hair stylist and business woman and Derrick as an artist and musician, it's clear the collaboration was an ideal choice to hold this party. Sheila has been a hair stylist in the Atlanta area for decades. Specializing in hair design, personal styling and make-up artistry, Sheila is the successful owner of My Space Hair Studio. Derrick Spivey is metal sculpture artist, musician (Zendrum), and owner of Spiveys Creations. The large, well designed interior displays his eclectic taste in different mediums.

Sheila's husband, Anthony Smith, is a long time family friend and barber to the men in my family. As a master barber in Decatur, Tony has been a long time established businessman in Decatur also. Currently his spot is located at Beauty Exposed serving both women and men clients. Definitely top of the line.

Thanks to Tony and Sheila for a great time and more memories to add to the list. I also want to say again to dear friend Sheila Smith, Happy Birthday.
Tim & Valeta

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