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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day! In God, We Trust!

It was cold and rainy this morning. Leaves were on the ground in beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow and brown. I left home around 6:40 am today to cast my ballot for the President of The United States Of America. Gospel was playing on my car radio. I needed a little spiritual uplifting this morning.

I have taken note that people have such polarizing views of where the nation stands today and where it should be headed. As I was driving to my polling location, I saw houses with foreclosure notices in the yard, people were walking in this nasty weather trying to get to their next destination, and the line was forming waiting for the polling center to open.

Upon taking my place in line, I saw folks standing in sandals, some with coats, some with umbrellas, children bundled up on mom or dad's hip, poll workers kindly offering coffee and doughnuts to knock off the chill. During the wait, I overheard small bits of conversation among those standing in line. People were talking about what documents they needed to have in hand to cast their vote, how one driver hit the pastor's parking space marker when trying to park his truck, and assisting a handicapped woman get to the front of the line as she just had knee surgery.

While in line at the polling precinct, my thoughts and prayers went out to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Some people are voting in tents as their polling locales were destroyed, not to think of their homes, and others had been offered the option to cast their ballots online. In these super-storm areas, some have to wait for hours, or go out of state, just to get a tank of gas so they can get to the polls today. I admire their resiliency.

Obama and Romney have scurried between different states, during the last hours of campaigning, trying to emphasize why they should be the next Commander-In-Chief. Options have been presented to the American People via debate, campaign ads, interviews, previous work history, and today, We The People, make our voices heard in the booth.

I know these are trying times right now for a lot of people, but please get to the polls the best way you can. Cast your ballot for your candidate of choice, and cast your ballot with conviction. According to history, this is not the first time Americans have been challenged with hard economic times, and I do not think that it will be the last. Keep the faith.

And believe it or not, while writing this post, I am listening to the gospel song "Smile" by Kirk Franklin. This song was on the 2011 album "Hello Fear." So to all of those reading this entry, and going through tough times on this Election Day, say hello to fear with a smile. In God, We Trust.


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