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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hey Everybody,
I've been getting bills paid, working on my container garden and on a few new jewelry pieces to go out on soon.  Spring cleaning of what I call my southern cape cod home has been a little inspirational.  I am ready for the summer, and fun times on the beaches of Tybee with my nieces and nephews.  With all the spring cleaning, things are now sparkly and new again.  Over the last couple of weeks, I helped to rescue a baby bird after severe thunderstorms came through, made the discovery of some baby bunnies burrowing under tree branches piled up in the yard after trimming a few tree limbs, and came across a frog and lizard which I have not seen in the back yard for years.  Just like spring cleaning makes you feel rejuvenated, so do the baby animals that I discovered a few weeks ago.  I have my mojo back, cause I like my new bracelet and earring designs.  Photos and information about my other projects will be posted soon.  Missed writing and talking with you.  Don't want to stay away so long anymore.  See you after while.

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